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We are bringing quality back to Information Technologies by providing all-inclusive, high-touch IT services. | With over 20 years in the IT industry, we know which products and solutions deliver the most reliable networks. | Our networks are built on the 3 R’s - Reliability, Redundancy and Recoverability. That means your network will deliver spectacular uptime and return on your investment. | No help desk to waste your time, just a direct line to a dedicated, experienced engineer. | No commissions or mark-up on product; you pay what we pay. Therefore, you can be confident that the products we recommend will provide the best value possible. | One monthly Fixed Fee which includes ALL Labor. There are NO additional charges for Repairs, Replacements, Upgrades, Add-ons, Projects or After Hours labor. | High volume and low quality just isn’t our style. | We are a group of dedicated network engineers who don’t fit in well at most IT companies because we are quality and value driven above all else!

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Rogue since 1997, Bluefinger Technologies has built a culture of providing quality and value above all else. We’ve accomplished this by employing dedicated people who take the time to properly care for your company, staff and network. From the golden era of Novell to today’s virtualized hybrid-clouds, we have grown up with the technology your business uses every day.