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We Are Quality

We are bringing quality back to Information Technologies by providing all-inclusive, high-touch IT services.

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We Are All-Inclusive

One monthly Flat Fee which includes ALL Labor. There are NO additional charges for Repairs, Replacements, Upgrades, Add-ons, Projects or After Hours labor.

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We Are Bluefinger

We are a group of dedicated network engineers who don’t fit in well at most IT companies because we are quality and value driven above all else!

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Cloud Solutions

We provide a multitude of Cloud based solutions from web hosting and shared file storage to advanced Hybrid E-mail Solutions including the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

Server Solutions

Bluefinger offers, services and supports the full suite of Windows and Linux Server solutions to meet your needs including Domain Controllers, File Servers, Mail Servers, Database Servers, Remote Access Servers and more.

Virtualization Solutions

We offer several virtualization solutions to maximize your server hardware including VMWare, Hyper-V and XenServer. Virtualization of your server environment allows you to run many virtual servers (Windows or Linux) on each physical server, reducing hardware costs while providing additional redundancy and recoverability options.

Off-Site Work Solutions

Off-Site Work Solutions from Microsoft and Citrix are an integral part of today’s workplace, including Remote Desktop Services, App-V, XenDesktop and XenApp. These industry leading solutions allow your employees to securely and efficiently work from home, remote offices and on the road. They also allow full, secure access to all network resources, including CRM, ERP and accounting packages.

PC Solutions

Bluefinger offers, services and supports a wide range of desktop, laptop and tablet PCs. Additionally, we can implement Roaming Profile solutions which provide a consistent user experience from PC to PC and allow for quicker replacement and upgrades. These solutions minimize downtime and maximize productivity to keep your staff working effectively.

E-mail Solutions

Reliable email is a mission critical part of a successful work day. We offer On-site, Cloud and Hybrid Microsoft Exchange E-mail solutions, including integration with Office 365 and many 3rd party applications.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

We offer several Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions which allow us to quickly recover deleted data, emails and failed servers. We can also provide off-site recovery environments in the event of a disaster that renders your office or network inaccessible.

Database Solutions

We can implement On-site, Hosted and Hybrid Microsoft SQL, as well as MySQL and other database solutions to meet your application storage needs.

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